By now it is common knowledge that in order to have a successful and growing business, SEO or search engine optimization is a must have. Especially in a city as competitive as Vancouver, where new businesses are constantly popping up and old ones branching out, it is increasingly more difficult to get your brand noticed. This is why you need Vancouver SEO experts on your team to drive traffic to your business and increase sales.
I myself am a big believer in “If you’re not on the first page you might as well be on the last”, and the difficulty of getting your website on the first page of Google is purely predicated on how many other SEO experts are attempting to rank higher on the same keyword as you are. It is not hard to see at this point that many businesses are struggling to rank for the same keywords in this Vancouver SEO battle. This is why it’s crucial that you have the best agency working on your SEO in Vancouver. Now that we’ve gone over the difficulty of SEO in Vancouver you might be thinking to yourself that maybe you can get around search optimization using other methods to grow your business. This is where I like to remind all my fellow business owners out there that in Vancouver SEO leads on average have some highest conversion rates. It makes sense that searchers who are looking for specific products or services are more likely to make a purchase from businesses who they seek out through search,
rather than those who attempt to attract them using outbound marketing strategies such as cold calls or emailing.
Ranking in local Vancouver search directly leads to increased visits and sales. According to Google, 50% of consumers who performed a local search on a mobile device visited a store on that same day. This means if you have a local business and you aren’t utilizing Vancouver SEO experts you are losing out on a massive chunk of business. More and more potential customers are using Google every day to discover local businesses and to find locations, hours and directions. I’m a practical guy, to see if something is working I go straight to the source information.
According to the State of Marketing report, of the businesses that are using SEO or SEM (search engine marketing) as part of their marketing strategy, 66% find it “very effective or effective”. Only 7% stated that their SEO efforts were “not very effective or not at all effective”. I don’t know about you but these seem like reasonable enough odds to show how critical it is to work on SEO in Vancouver.
I should also mention that as wonderful as SEO is for your business it is not an overnight money maker, but rather a long term investment. First of all, it takes time to get your website onto the first page. Anyone trying to sell you on their SEO service by saying they can get you on the first page in a day or week or even a month clearly knows little about SEO in Vancouver. If it were that easy everyone would be ranked first on Google. So be cautious of snake oil salesmen masquerading as SEO experts.
To wrap this up I will leave you with this. SEO is most definitely worth the investment, regardless if you choose to learn it yourself or hire an SEO expert in Vancouver. SEO can do wonders for your lead funnels, sales volume and overall credibility. As the process of getting on the first page does take time don’t hesitate and start immediately to reap the benefits that this tool has to offer. For all those who are already reaping these benefits, go ahead and give your Vancouver SEO expert a pat on the back.