If you ever read about the new exciting world of digital marketing, you probably have come across the term SEO. You google it only to learn that it stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” but the name doesn’t convey enough to decipher its meaning. SEO is a field entirely dedicated to improving your website’s visibility on search engines such as Google or Bing. This is generally done through:
1. Making your website appear earlier in the search results (Instead of your website appearing on the 4th page, it’d appear on the first). This can be crucial in a competitive market as the overwhelming majority of people using search engines to not go past the first page. Getting this edge over your competitors can give a sizable increase to your website traffic.
2. Making your website appear through a broader range of search inputs. For example, if you own a Chinese restaurant named dragon’s den, one way to find your website is to search “Dragon’s den restaurant specifically”. But through applying SEO techniques, your restaurant can also appear in the search results through searching “Chinese restaurant” or just “restaurant near me.”
Now that you’re interested in SEO, you would want to start learning more about how to use this beautiful yet complex field to your advantage. Unfortunately, SEO is an incredibly large and complex field which some people take as a career. SEO techniques range from being very simple to being very technical. Getting professional help is advised to maximize results. However, a basic yet powerful technique that anyone can do for their website is to think of the keywords you want your business to be associated with and incorporate these words into your website. This allows for better detection of your site when such words are searched.
In a world where people make decisions based on their findings online, you must be visible to people and present yourself as an option. SEO allows you to be visible and lets people know of your presence, which gives you an opportunity.