For this phone accessory company, we created an e-commerce website from scratch. Our creative team constructed and edited a series of photos and videos for their line of products and wrote copy designed to increase lead conversion. To drive traffic to the website our SEO team is actively working to rank higher.

T-mor came to us with the objective of selling their product online. For T-mor we built an e-commerce website that is easy to navigate for users, making the process of purchasing as quick and easy as possible. T-mor was able to supply us with certain images however the bulk of the photos and videos needed to be made.

Our photo and video team was able to capture the one of a kind design of the products and packaging as well as enhance the image through Photoshop. Videos were more of a challenge as we wanted to make a tutorial video and needed to find an actor to unbox and display the product. Our team was able to pull this off and all that was left was to edit and upload.

The idea with the copy was the same as all the content we created, and that is to convert leads into customers. In short form we described and explained the products in a way that would enhance the viewer’s perception of the product. Once the website was fully designed and put together we needed to generate traffic. We accomplished this through Google SEO, ranking the website on the first page for all relevant keywords and locations chosen by our SEO team.

View T-MOR Shields live website here:

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