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our involvement:

For Vision Source we leveraged the relationship building power of LinkedIn and Instagram. On LinkedIn, we created a target demographic and connected with them to build a strong presence. For Instagram, our goal was to create, grow and engage with an audience. To do this we took a hands-on approach bringing in photographers to take in-store photographs allowing us to create completely original content from scratch that would be more appealing and enticing to viewers gaining their attention while keeping the message informative and relevant to the great work the team at Vision Source are doing.

For the Eye Site, previously known as Vision Source, we provided an entire rebranding campaign. We helped them through their name changing process since their original name was attached to the name of a much larger company that provided its own branding. From scratch we built familiarity with the Eye Site name telling their story again under a new name and new logo. We helped rebuild their brand recognition reaching thousands of people in their region every week through social media, turning those viewers into inbound calls and in-store visits.

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